I am trying to use the Delimited Text Driver in a different scenario: I
have a text file with information that must update an existing object in
NDS. In the file I have a primary key for the object, so I wrote a event
policy to query in the destination (NDS), and set the destination DN for
the new data.
Normally the text shim creates a new “add” tag for each new line of
data in the file. When I do that, the driver tries to add the object,
and gets an error because there is already an object with that DN (makes
sense, because I am trying to add something).
When I changed the input mapping to create a “modify” tag, my event
policy tries to locate the object on the source database (text file),
instead of the destination, and does not find the object.
How could I tell the driver that I need to read data and update an
existing object in NDS?

This is the error log for the first case (add):
[05/31/10 11:58:34.321]:XXXX-SEG-001 PT:A match found, using
CN=000000124248,OU=ABARE,OU=BA,OU=entidades,O=XXXX .
[05/31/10 11:58:34.321]:XXXX-SEG-001 PT:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \XXXX-TREE\XXXX\servicos\Driverset\XXXX-SEG-001
Channel: Publisher
Object: 000000124248_PDDE - Executor
(CN=000000124248,OU=ABARE,OU=BA,OU=entidades,O=XXX X)
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9010) An exception occurred:
novell.jclient.JCException: nameToID -610 ERR_ILLEGAL_DS_NAME
[05/31/10 11:58:34.332]:XXXX-SEG-001 PT:Fixing up association
[05/31/10 11:58:34.332]:XXXX-SEG-001 PT:Applying schema mapping
policies to output.
[05/31/10 11:58:34.333]:XXXX-SEG-001 PT:Applying policy:
[05/31/10 11:58:34.333]:XXXX-SEG-001 PT:No output transformation
[05/31/10 11:58:34.333]:XXXX-SEG-001 PT:

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