I have a very low level in IDM

I have a working driver between E-Dir -> AD
But this driver only manage users

I would like to set-up a synchronization/replication process for

in E-dir ou=groups,ou=country,ou=compagny
--> would be cloned to AD ou=IDM,ou=groups,ou=country,

ie :
-each time I create a group in E-dir, it should be created in AD
-each time I add an user in a sync group, the same groupemembership
should be created
- each time the group is edited in the AD the groupmembership are

it is relatively clear for me how to manage users but each time I have
to manipulate DN (for assistant or manager) it becomes a synchronization
and a group is basically a set of DN (members)

Do you know if there are sample / tutorials/ about group syncing

Kind Regards

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