Hi all,

we have an LDAP driver that hangs every time it is started. The last
lines in the log (trace level 3) are:

[05/27/10 13:03:30.229]:TreeLDAPAC ST:Subscriber thread starting.
[05/27/10 13:03:30.241]:TreeLDAPAC ST:Initializing driver shim.
[05/27/10 13:03:30.241]:TreeLDAPAC ST:Reading XML attribute

So, it is realy when starting up the driver.
It once got passed this: till the driver tried to read the schema of
the LDAP application (an eDir). After that it hang as well.
I applied the latest patch for the LDAP driver (3.5.11 Patch 3), but
this did not help.

As soon as the driver is started, the CPU peeks to 100%.
We are running on OES SP2, eDir v8.8 SP5, IDM version 3.6.11.
Publisher thread is disabled (publisher parameter: "No Publisher").

Any help is welcome.


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