I am trying to install a Lotus Notes driver. I have installed a Remote
Loader on the Lotus Notes server.

When I try to start the driver, I have several errors in DSTrace:

"Error retrieving NotesDatabase object for ndsrep.nsf"
"Publisher not ready"

And on the Remote Loader trace, I have :

"Publisher not ready"

Then :

id file : C:\Lotus\Domino\data\userFile.id (the path is correct)
id file path: C:\Lotus\Domino\data
And the error : "Could not open the ID file"

Then I have an error indicating : "Error retrieving NotesDatabase
object for ndsrep.nsf. ID = 4271. Message: Password or other security
violation for database CN=Server/O=Domain! !ndsrep.nsf"

Do you have any idea of the causes of these errors?


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