im using IDM 3.6.1/3.7 with a few drivers and one of them is an Active
Directory, im just using subscriber to create new users, so users
created using the AD wont be added to eDirectory, and it works fine, but
now i want to see when users are being created in Active Directory and
send an email to an admin so he can see whats going on and if this new
user is ok to have (there might be some special cases where an user can
be in Active Directory and not in eDir).

So i created a policy so when i see an add coming from edir i would
send an email, the problem is that whenever i create an user in AD the
creation doesnt appear in remote loader or driver logs, seems like the
publisher channel is not working.

What should i do? I didnt find any options to enable publisher besides
the option to use mirror or flat placement type.


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