We have multiple AD drivers that users can be synched through. When a
user is deleted from one AD the association for that AD driver is
removed from the user object in eDir. However, we have other systems
that need to be notified/updated about the AD account deletion via their
own driver connections. Since the eDir user object is not deleted or
updated outside of the association is there a way that one driver can
detect the association removal related to another driver and be able to
determine which driver association is being removed?

For example, a user is associated to three AD accounts via three
different AD drivers (AD-1, AD-A, AD-Hi). This user is also associated
to database table via a JDBC driver. If the account in AD-A is deleted
the other accounts are still valid so the eDir object is not deleted,
only the AD-A association is removed from eDir. The JDBC driver needs
to be able to detect the AD-A association removal and update the
database record to show that account has been deleted. This means that
not only does it need to be able to trigger on the association attribute
in eDir but it also needs to be able to understand that the value being
removed belongs to a specific driver and perform logic based on the
associated driver.

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