I dont know if someone can answer this question in this forum, but I
put it anyway in hope for someone might be of help .

I have developed my own IDM driver for an application. The IDM driver
is based on the Novell Skeleton driver(java)... in the driver code, Im
able to define the company name & product name.

I cannot find any information or documentation regarding its activation
handling in the driver. It means the all skeleton drivers are by
default FREE like loopback and Null Drivers?, What If i want to put
some activation handler into my Driver, is it possible and how?

The IDM licenseing: When I synchronize the users through my custom
driver, How would novell audit licensing will be handled by the novell
audit licensing software? Will the Novell Audit License software count
the license for my driver?

Any help would clearifiy my understandings better..


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