For a variety of reasons, when one object in the application changes, I
need to migrate in a user that it is associated with. They have no
intention (nor ability) to make a change to the user at the same time to
give me two events, alas.

So my thinking was, Signature object comes with a reference to the
user, I want to use dxcmd to send a migrate for the User object it
references from the application.

Shon previously posted that you can use the functionality described

Ok, so I defined a Java namespace as Designer shows it in the UI:
<namespace-def name="dxcmd"
or in the policy node as:

Ok, call dxcmd:commandLine($MIG-DOC) in an XPATH with a nodeset
variable as MIG-DOC, (only an XDS doc right now, that is question two!)

[05/17/10 13:25:59.799]:spml ST:
[05/17/10 13:25:59.799]:spml ST:
[05/17/10 13:25:59.800]:spml ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9131) Error in
: Error evaluating XPATH expression
'token-xpath("dxcmd:commandLine($MIG-DOC)")' :
com.novell.xml.xpath.XPathEvaluationException: Multiple matching Java
methods for 'dxcmd:commandLine($MIG-DOC)'.

Ok, line 1092 is my call.

Well dxcmd does not seem to be one of the predefined possibilities like
srcCommandProcessor or the like.

I am sure I am doing something simple and obviously incorrect.

Second question: What format is the nodeset it is expecting? I.e.
Since I am providing command line parameters, how much do I need to
provide? Even auth credentails? How would that 'look'? I will be
building it in policy, since it is a well defined event I need to
generate in just a single case.

I have a nodeset of the document I want to send. Now how do I select
migrate command, and specify the nodeset (instead of the filename,
typically used in the real command line version).

The docs say:

public static int commandLine(NodeSet argSet)

Run DxCommand with arguments in a NodeSet. The XPath node value of
each node in the node set is obtained and used as one of the command
line arguments.

argSet - node set with command line arguments

But what does that actually mean? I.e. As much as Shon tells me
not too, I still think of nodesets as the text representation of them,
and work best with that approach.

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