Hi all,

Im using IDM 3.6.1a with eDir 8.8.5 64 bits and SLES 11, and
implementing my first AD driver (version 3.5.8, the last patch). Im
using remote loader on Domain Controler (win2008 32 bits).

So, each event starting in eDir goes to AD and return back to eDir.
This is an example: when I change the cpf attribute, changing the
trtCPF attribute in AD and changing back the CPF attribute in eDir.

So, if I use reset instead of synchronize in filter an attribute is
changed in AD, a modify event to eDir is started, a modify with
from-reset is started in eDir. This modify the attribute in AD and a new
modify event is started in eDir. So, this looping never end.

Is this something crazy or maybe I did something wrong?

|Filename: ad_cpf_looping.txt |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4383 |

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