I've got a working setup now with an IDV Loopback that creates
WorkOrder objects and a WorkOrder Driver that processes them. Currently
it's only setup to remove Group membership at a date that I have set
when creating the WO.

Everything works fine except for 1 thing. I have only 1 Policy setup on
the WorkOrder driver's Publisher Command Transform. That Policy catches
ADD of WorkToDo object, extracts the DN of User and DN of Group then
removes that Group membership from that User.

After that is done, the last Rule in the Policy is a VETO to prevent
WorkToDo creation since I have no use for it. The WO itself has a self
destruct date.

So, because of the Veto, the status of the WO gets set to ERROR. If I
remove the Veto, the Status gets set to "Configured" as it should.

I know it's common practice to Veto creates of WorkToDo but should it
affect the WO Status and if so, is there a way for this not to happen
beside having another Driver process then delete the WorkToDo ??

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