Another newbie question.

I'm just experiencing with adding XML Elements and Attributes to those
Elements. I finally found a way that it works but I'd like your input as
to if it's the correct way of doing this.

The short version of the scenario is: the IDV Loopback driver makes
changes to IDV users if a specific Group membership changes.

Long story short, I have an Input document that already has (for the
User class) 0 or more /modify/modify-attr[@attr-name=something]
Elements. I'm adding another modify-attr element and after that, I want
to set this new "modify-attr" attr-name attribute (which is different
than the other attr-name).

So, right now I'm doing:
<do-append-xml-element expression="." name="modify-attr"/>
<do-set-xml-attr expression="modify-attr[not(@*)]" name="attr-name">

This basically finds any modify-attr that doesn't have an Attribute

So, this works but my root question I guess is, when you add a new
Element, how can you make sure you can select exactly the one you have
just created to make changes to it ?

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