We used AD sync password to eDir by using IDM
there has 5 DCs in domain,but only 01 and 03 has install PassSync,
and 03 install remote loader

But it seems that Now there are someone change there password on there
will not send the change to IDM, but someone was success.

Here are the different logs
success.log ==> remote loader get someone's change and send to IDM
IDM.log ==> IDM log get the event from remote loader,and Sync
lost.log ==> remote loader write down its has change in AD,but
nothing send to IDM. at the same time,there is no any event in IDM.log
restart.log ==> try to restart the remote loader to see is there
anything wrong,but it seems work find.

I think that might be something wrong in PassSync, but I can't find it

Any help would be appreciated.



|Filename: log.zip |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4364 |

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