Ok this is lightly nuts. Happened on Monday, and suddenly just happened
to me today.

Try to start the driver, and most of it loads, then it gets a fatal
error at:
[05/05/10 15:48:37.392]:spml :Found subscriber
[05/05/10 15:48:37.397]:spml :Found publisher
[05/05/10 15:48:37.397]:spml :Creating subscriber thread.
[05/05/10 15:48:37.403]:spml ST:Subscriber thread starting.
[05/05/10 15:48:37.463]:spml ST:Initializing driver shim.
[05/05/10 15:48:37.464]:spml ST:Reading XML attribute
[05/05/10 15:48:37.465]:spml ST:Reading driver information from the
[05/05/10 15:48:37.466]:spml ST:Loading Java shim
com.novell.nds.dirxml.remote.driver.DriverShimImpl .
[05/05/10 15:48:37.467]:spml ST:Calling DriverShim.getSchema().
[05/05/10 15:48:37.468]:spml ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Status: Warning
Message: Code(-8001) Unable to retrieve application schema.
[05/05/10 15:48:37.470]:spml ST:Reading driver information from the
[05/05/10 15:48:37.471]:spml ST:Loading Java shim
com.novell.nds.dirxml.remote.driver.DriverShimImpl .
[05/05/10 15:48:37.472]:spml ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Status: Error
Message: Code(-9184) Error retrieving application password:
com.novell.nds.dhutil.DSErr: -1417 (0xfffffffffffffa77)
[05/05/10 15:48:37.474]:spml STriver terminated.
[05/05/10 15:48:37.475]:spml ST:Writing XML attribute

1417 is an NMAS error that the length of the data is wrong.

Single server tree, eDir 885 64 bit, IDM 3.6.1a 64 bit, patched up the
wazo. This is a SOAP driver. (3.5.4 rev).

Last time I thought it was my boss in his Designer, deploying a UA PRD
somehow doing it, but this time he has been away from his computer for
the last 2 hours. No one else is accessing this tree.

Ok, so last time I do not recall what I had done immediatly before
hand. This time I do.

I had deleted 4 Aux classes I had added, so I could delete 2 attributes
(custom, only ever added to my Aux classes), so I did. Used Designer's
Schema compare to push my fixed attrs, and 4 object classes back out.

Then I made Filter and Schema map changes, compared, and it showed
those changes, but like the last time, one of the hints was that the
DirXML-DriverImage attr was out of sync, which throws a Designer error
(does not like to compare binary data, no biggy).

Then the ECV's were all resorted, but not changed and 2 of the GCV's
went from being multi line string (in my project) to single line strings
in the project.

I can delete the driver, redeploy and it works, but what is going on

Designer 3.5.1 with the March update, on Win XP SP3.

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