We're looking for a solution to give us some more functionality for user
ID generation in our HR connected driver, but they seem to exceed the
limits of the UniqueName token. I saw some other posts about doing
things the old way and writing the query manually, but if I do that,
then the logic is locked into the driver and can't be used by other
systems that create users.

We have a custom web service that does our ID generation logic today
for these "other systems" (only two) and I thought we might leverage it
within the HR driver. It would need some changes too, since it
currently has the same logic as the HR driver, but it wouldn't be
difficult to do.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why we might *not* want to have the
driver call out to a web service for ID generation?

Currently, the only disadvantage I would expect to find is that we'd
have to handle scenarios if/when the web service is down/unavailable.

I appreciate your thoughts!

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