I'm in the process of developing my own IDM driver, i have followed the
developer docs from novell (skeleton driver/*java*) guides, and they are

I have so far developed and created my own driver.. and have
successfully finished addHanldler of it.

My questions are, How to debug my method "addHandler" from within

so far i have developed compiled, and deployed and ran tests on the IDM
driver doing change in IDVAult on the user to test my code

Is there any easy way to test/debug my methods from whithin java IDE,
so that I do not have to go through my this long
testing/debugging/deploy process???

For example: Method called "addHandler" on the SubscribeShim Class..
it accepts to parameters ( XDSAddElement add,
XDSCommandResultDocument result)

Can I somehow test this method passing it my "Add" XDS document to
this method from within IDE? ...

I know how exactly my ADD XDS looks like for the target application.

So the question is how to pass my Add XDS to thie method ad
XDSAddElement, or *-how convert type XmlDocument to the type

Any Utility methods or any code would be just great help in boosting
my driver development...


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