I have an eDir2eDir driver that I upgraded/migrated a month ago, and at
that time, the password policy didn't come across correctly, and
subsequently, a lot of accounts (1300) in tree2 didn't get their
password expiration time set correctly when a password change from tree1
was synchronized. The account in tree2 still looks like an
administrative reset, and thus decrements their grace logins when they
authenticate against it.

The fix, is if I go to tree1 in iManager, choose that eDir driver and
do a Migrate from Identity Vault on the user(s), which then resynchs,
and correctly updates their password expiration in tree2.

My question is.... I don't want to select all users to Migrate from
Identity Vault, and I don't want to sift through 24,000 user to find the
1,300 users I need to migrate.

Is there a way to possibly script something with an ldif that would
give me the same result as what the "Migrate from Identity Vault"


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