IDM 3.6.1 patched, 64 bit, on SLES 11 64 bit, with eDir 885 patched to
the latest, 64 bit.

I am trying to migrate users from via a SOAP driver.

I kick off the Sync via iMan, migrate into eDir.

I see a query go out for Group objects. It gets converted correctly,
generates a SOAP response.

So it should then work through each one to sync.

I convert the SOAP query calls and responses to instance docs that look
kind of like:
<instance class-name="MyClass__c" src-dn="a011000000002juAAA">
<attr attr-name="Id">
<attr attr-name="Account__c">

And so on... What info do I need for a migrate to work? I see my
association tag is empty, I can fix that trivially, but does that

Do we have docs on the actual info needed for a migrate to work?

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