Associate a Driver Set with servers running different versions of IDM

I have a test IDM environment with following configuration.

First Server

* NetWare 6.5.6
* eDirectory
* IDM 3.0.1 (I do understand that IDM 3.0.1 is already an End-Of-Life
product running with Extended Support. Using 3.0.1 as production system
is also 3.0.1)
* SSP 2.0.5

New Server Added

* NetWare 6.5.8
* eDirectory 8.8.4
* IDM 3.5.1

The Test setup is made to check whether the IDM 3.0.1 Driver (Testing
using eDirectory Driver) will work on another server (Backup) with
latest builds of codes (NetWare 6.5.8 + eDirectory 8.8.4 + IDM 3.5.1).
The driver was able to synchronize back and forth irrespective of the
server with IDM engine on which it is running. I didn't check traces and
test I have performed so far are creation of users accounts and adding a
"Description". My questions are as follows.

1. Is there any issues to associate the same driver set with IDM
servers of different IDM Engine versions?
2. Is there anyone running a similar environment in production without
any issues?

Thanks and Regards,

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