is it possible to use the Delimited Text driver or any other driver to
read a CSV file, determine the changes being made compared to the
previous version of the file and process the changes in the publisher
channel? We're currently experimenting with the Delimited Text driver,
but it seems that the driver just takes every record in the input CSV
file and convert it to an ADD event using the standard XSLT in the input
transformation. Other drivers like JDBC or LDAP are able to do a
staging, and determine changes being made to the objects in the
application. Is such a staging possible for the Delimited Text driver?
Or is there any other way, to at least get the lines that have been
added, altered or removed and process them as events going to the
Identity Vault? At least it sounds, like this shouldn't be an impossible
task for a text based driver? at least for the publisher channel...

Thanks in advance for any ideas or advices!

Sebastian Rieger