Hello ,

Recently setup remote loader and AD Driver to sync password from AD to
eDir. Would like to know whether is there a way to perform resillence
for the Remote Loader. Understand that pwfilter would capture the
password change from windows and pass it to remote loader to perform the
task to update eDir. What happen if I have 2 Remote Loader turn on , and
on the IDM engine only have one AD Driver.

Here is the scenario ...
Have 5 DC and all installed with pwfilter (IDM PassSync) and 2 Remote
Loader which point to the AD Driver.
At any point , only one AD Driver is turn on to receive from the
Remote Loader. What happen to the Remote Loader where does not have the
AD driver to listen, would the password be stored in the Remote loader
of the DC and only be sync when the AD driver is turn on.
Please advice what is the best recomendation for the Remote Loader fail
over ...
Thanks in advance and looking forward to hear from the guru on the

best regards,

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