Customer was previusly using DirXML 2.
Old Driverset is still in tree-but not used or assosiated with any

Moved to Linux, installed IDM 3.6.
GW 8 on Linux aswell.
Latest driver, with support for GW8, XML-code chaged to support that.
IDM-engine running on dedicated SLES10/OES2-machine, with replicas of
all partitions.
GroupWise running on SLES10/OES2-machine with remoteloader.

Installed driver, everything connects, I can see connunication between
Engine, RL and GW.
But no sync event occurrs.

Tried to create new user, and tried to migrate from within iManager.
Migation says "1 user migrated" and it looks fine.
But no mailbox is created in GW.

When looking in ConsoleOne, on the user i tried to migrate, it have a
assosiation, and says manual.
But, anyhow it should create an account in GW when I create an account
in eDir...

Attach the Engine-Trace, the RL-Trace. Both in level 3.
Also the config-file for RL, and the exported driver.