A while back I created a large "fishbone" diagram in Excel that included
all of the policy docs and rules within each transform of our AD driver.
It took about two hours (with a lot of grep/sed/etc. on a driver
export), but was pretty helpful when it came to troubleshooting or just
basic questions about how things "should" happen. Without it, I had to
go digging around in iManager (dangerous) or Designer (slooow), so this
was a nice and quick way to get a high level view of the driver (but not
as high as the normal fishbones in Designer and iManager).

After realizing I liked it, I thought it would be nice to have for all
of our drivers and thought of writing something to automatically create
it in HTML either with PERL or an XSLT. If it works out as planned I
was going to post it here or on Cool Solutions for others to use, but I
thought I'd see if anyone else had an opinion on which method would be

I'm more familiar with PERL, but I wouldn't mind dabbling with XSLT to
do it and I assume I could just run the exported XML through a parser to
create the HTML. I also would want to expand the functionality to
include clickable links on rules, the filter, and the schema map to get
another page with more detail.

I'm looking for feedback before I get started on how I might "best"
accomplish this. Anyone here have an opinion? Am I recreating
something similar to anything that already exists? I really appreciate
your feedback.

(I've attached a small picture of the one I manually created to give
you an idea of what I'm talking about)

|Filename: driver.jpg |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=4248 |

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