I am trying to setup a GW driver in IDM361, and so far I am successful,
the Remote Loader works, there is communication between the Remote
Loader and the Identity Vault. However, I am using a setup with Identity
Vault (The Metadirectory Server) running in a separate eDir tree
(IDM_TREE), and my GroupWise system is located in the production tree
(PRODTREE). I have indicated in the Driver config that:

Default Sync Destination: GroupWise PostOfficeDescription of global
configuration value: *PRODTREE\myorg\a01\gw\myorg-p*

but when I create a user in the Vault, I get the following error in the
Subscriber Channel's log on the GW Driver:

Message 1:
Tue Mar 30 15:29:39 EEST 2010
<status code="java.lang.Exception: Invalid Post Office or Domain
specified: PRODTREE\myorg\a01\gw\myorg-p "
event-id="s03-idm#20100330122938#1#1" level="error" type="app-general">
<code>java.lang.Exception: Invalid Post Office or Domain specified:
PRODTREE\myorg\a01\gw\myorg-p </code>
<description>GroupWise Error</description>

The question is, how should I type correctly the path to the Post
Office in the PRODTREE?

P.S. I have eDirectory driver as well, to connect the two trees, and it
works fine.

Help is as always apreciated.

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