we're using eDirectory 8.8.5 with Identity Manager 3.6.1 on Linux.
These are my first steps in this area...

I've created a policy to get informed when a new user is registered.

The rules condition is met so the action starts.

But I get always the following message:

> Message: Code(-9195) Error in
> vnd.nds.stream:/res/DriverSet/JANITOR/Subscriber/SendMail:25 : Couldn't
> send email: No SMTP server specified.

I configured the needed smtp server in both ways - via browser and
designer in the properties tab from the "Default Notification

I checked the connection between the eDirectory and the smtp server
with a console telnet and that works fine.

I also created the action in that way that sends an email without using
a template. That works fine too.

So what's the error if I want to use a template???

Could someone give me a hint?


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