i have setup a driver to synchronice an Active Directory with my eDirectory.

I have followed these Instructions ...


The Driver is running and green in iManager.

So i have sart the migration from eDir to aDir and I am wondering that no
objects are created in the aDir.

So i look to the Driver Sastistics where i found in the Section not
processed transaction the Entry for

Entry new for Synchronisation : .....

This value is everytime growing when in start the migration. Never i see it
become smaller.

For me it looks that smoething is not good working on my Windows 2003

Here i have the Remoteloader that loads and run the driver i have add ....

In the Trace log of the Windows 2003 Server i only see that the driver was
startet and is listening to it's only one assigned ip-adrress.

Kind Regards
Jens Geier