Dear Community,

we have a strange problem (using IDM 3.6.1, latest IDM 3.6.1 Combo
Patch 2a is applied):
_some_ connectors remain in the starting state - others start without
any problem. If we do a restart of ndsd it may happen that other
connectors remain in the starting state whereas the connectors that
failed in the previous run start without a problem...
Even when we set the trace level to 5 it does not produce any output in
the connector's logfile. ndsd.log does not show any errors either.
We also rebooted the server, but without success.
The only error message we came across is that when we stop the affected
connector and try to access the TAO file with iManager then the error
code is (request: -162) = IO locked. But even if we delete this TAO
file, the connector does not start.
Thank you in advance for your help,

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