We see a lot of people come into the forum with basic questions. Valid,
understandable questions, but still basic questions.

That is a not a criticism, as everyone has to start somewhere, and the
docs do not educate well for this aspect, so there is need for better
getting started docs.

People in the forums have done a great job. Fernando just released a
new one that is great! And I figured this is a great time to post a
message someone might search and find...

It could happen. Just for fun, if you are getting started, and search
and find this article, post a response, so we know it actually helped!

Anyway, if you are just getting started with IDM, I really think there
are at least 5 articles you MUST read.

Read David Gersics explanation of the policy/event/process flow in the

This will explain how IDM works under the covers. What does all that
stuff on the fishbone diagram do or mean?

Very well documented in this series.

Now to actually troubleshoot, you need to know how to read Dstrace. Not
just where to find the files (or turn it on, that is important too!),
but what the files mean. Fernando has done two amazing articles on the


Read these 5 articles, and you will save your self hours and hours of