We currently have a std Lotus Notes driver thats sync'd on the
Subscriber channel only... Domino R7 and IDM 3.5. We have a couple of
custom attributes we've added to the domino Person form which we send
wish to send back to custom attributes in eDir. The problem is, when I
'refresh the application schema', i don't seem to pull these custom
attributes into my dirxml's view of the application schema, therefor,
they aren't available for assignment in schema mappings, filters, etc.

now, I'm not a notes admin myself, but I understand you don't modify
the Person form directly, but you add to the $PersonInheritableSchema
class, a subform of Person. and if I examine the schema being sent to
dirxml, i see my custom def's listed with PersonInheritableSchema, but
not in Person where they'd be available to my schema mapping.

so, what i'm wondering is, should I expect to see these custom
attributes in my schema mapping after a 'refresh application schema'?
or, because the way notes works not modifying the base class and the
fact these belong to a different (but inheritable) class, will I never
see them loaded as part of my schema mapping and simply have to go into
the policy and xml and add them manually?


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