OK, so I'm trying a workaround from my previous GCV in a condition problem with special characters and ran into another hitch. If I set a local variable to a value contained in a GCV, it appears to get nothing?

Am I crazy?

Active Directory : Action: do-set-local-variable("vint-domain",scope="policy","|"+token-global-variable("$int-domain$")+"|").
Active Directory : arg-string("|"+token-global-variable("$int-domain$")+"|")
Active Directory : token-text("|")
Active Directory : token-global-variable("$int-domain$")
Active Directory : Expanded variable reference '$int-domain$' to 'bartest.info'.
Active Directory : Token Value: "".
Active Directory : token-text("|")
Active Directory : Arg Value: "||".

It expanded the value, but then skipped it? What the?