I am trying to implement a triggered driver for the first time. The
driver id for Oracle. I have created the idm, indirect, and direct
users and exited the triggers and procedures to fit the schema I am
trying to support. I have two questions..

1) Do I need to follow the idm, direct, and indirect architecture given
in the 1_install.sql script provided by Novell? A co-worker of mine
thinks that it is just an example of how to do it but to me it looks
like that structure is pretty necessary since when I create a new driver
it automatically populates the direct.view_usr and direct.view_grp
tables in the driver parameter/driver options. He thinks that I should
be able to only use some of the triggers and procedures but I think it
all has to be there to work correctly.

2) I don't get any warnings or errors on my SQL script install. I can
start my driver. However, when I insert into the indirect.user table
the driver never process anything. I have inserted and updated the
table a few times and all I see are more records in the direct.process
and indirect.process tables. Nothing ever gets moved to the "processed"
tables. The only thing that I can think of is that there are no values
in the "COLUMN_NAME", "OLD_VALUE", and "NEW_VALUE" fields. I checked
the original 1_install.sql script and none of the triggers specify
values for these fields.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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