I have question on password sync filters. here is my scenario

I have edirectory/idm installed on one of windows DC which belongs
domain A. Now i want to sync user/passwords from different domain which
is B to edirectory. In domain B,its got 4 DC's which are located in

so my question here is, is it best way to install the remote
loader/password sync filters on one of the domain B domain controller
(allowing remote access)
install remote loader/password sync filter on one of the domain B
domain controller and install the password sync on rest of the domain

I see many threads recommands installing password sync filters on all
dc's. in this case how the communication happens between those password
sync filters and the remote loader?

I see ports 135,137,138 and 139 should be open in the following doc

'Novell Documentation'

But I'm clearly not sure why these ports need to be open.

It would be great if some one explain

Thanks for help

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