Problem: No session ID returned. No value for LogInResult and no
SESSIONID cookie set.

I am using the SOAP Driver to connect to a secure website, https. I
logged into the website and copied the cert., then followed the
instructions for the Subscriber channel:

keytool -import -file name_of_cert_file -trustcacerts -noprompt
filename -storepass password

I have tried using different formats when creating the cert and all
produce the same response in the logs, therefore, I think there is
something wrong with my cert. It is confusing since I see "Response
code and message: 200 OK".

[02/11/10 09:34:29.413]:SPML ST:SPML: Preparing HTTP POST connection to
[02/11/10 09:34:29.414]:SPML ST:SPML: Setting up SSL connection.
[02/11/10 09:34:29.415]:SPML ST:SPML: Setting the following HTTP
request properties:
[02/11/10 09:34:29.416]:SPML ST:SPML: SOAPAction:
[02/11/10 09:34:29.416]:SPML ST:SPML: strLoginId: ID
[02/11/10 09:34:29.417]:SPML ST:SPML: strPassword: password
[02/11/10 09:34:29.417]:SPML ST:SPML: Content-Type: text/xml;
[02/11/10 09:34:29.541]:SPML ST:SPML: Did HTTP POST with 243 bytes of
data to
[02/11/10 09:34:29.601]:SPML ST:SPML: Setting cookie:
BIGipServerRCStagingV2=1039537986.20480.0000; path=/
[02/11/10 09:34:29.601]:SPML ST:SPML: Response code and message: 200
[02/11/10 09:34:29.602]:SPML ST:SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:
[02/11/10 09:34:29.602]:SPML ST:
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""
<LogInResponse xmlns="http://Eprise">

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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