I have a subscriber only JDBC driver going to an Oracle Database. I am
working with three tables, but only one of them has a primary key, the
other two have foreign keys. This is not a problem, I am able to update
the primary table without a problem, and updating the two other tables
was working great until I found out that one of the tables has record
uniqueness, meaning that I have to verify that the value is not present
before writing the value.

So, how to I query the non-primary table? I have looked at Geoff's
document on calling stored procedures, and simply modified the XDS
document to be a query, rather than calling a stored procedure.
'Calling Stored Procedures with the IDM JDBC Driver | Novell User

However, that does not seem to work. I build a local variable called
"local.command" with a value of:

<nds><input xmlns:jdbc="urn:dirxml:jdbc"><jdbc:statement event-id="0"
jdbc:type="query"><jdbc:sql>SELECT * FROM LDAP_ORG WHERE EMP_ID =
'E113482' and ORG_ID = '005'</jdbc:sql></jdbc:statement></input></nds>

and then set another local variable called "local.result" to the XPATH
Command of:

cmd:execute($destCommandProcessor, $local.command)

And the trace immediately gives me the error message of:

Message: Code(-9131) Error in
: Error evaluating XPATH expression
'token-xpath("cmd:execute($destCommandProcessor, $local.command)")' :
com.novell.xml.xpath.XPathEvaluationException: function call to
'cmd:execute' resulted in an error:
'com.novell.xml.xpath.XPathConversionException: no type may be converted
to a node-set'.

I have tried with the local variable set to a node set and to a string
with the same results.

So, how I do I query via SQL into a table that is not mapped to a



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