We are running IDM 3.6.1 It is being synced with AD 2008. I have two IDM
servers. One with shim that syncs the employee usernames & password.
The other I installed a shim to sync the student account. Both shims
point to the same AD 2008 server where I have two instances of the
Remote Loader. For the 2nd instance that I have just added, I keep
getting the following error messages.

Unable to authenticate to active directory
ldap-err ldap-rc="49"

I have reset the password for both the driver and the remote loader.
When I removed the domainf info from in front of the username for the
Authentication Id, I get the follwoign erro message.

Ldap-rc ldap-rc="86"

I have the Remote loader connection parameters, configured with the IP
address of the remote loader, the port and the CP.

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