I'm not an expert in XPath language and I think the solution for my
question is in this language.

This is my situation:

In TREE_A I have multiple groups with the same name but in different
OUs. For example in OU=SALES I have "Access_GRP" and in OU=MARKETING I
have another group called "Access_GRP".

In TREE_B (new implementation) I have all the groups in the same OU and
I'm interested in join the members of groups with the same name but
different OUs in TREE_A to a single group in TREE_B.

I tried this solution
that consists in add association manually and it worked very good for a
test group.

The problem is I have 1200 groups and the manual task could take a lot
of time.

Does anyone know how can I implement it to do this special "manual
association" through DirXML script and apply to around 1200 groups?

Thanks a lot,


Josep M.

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