Seeking some insight and feedback from the forum group.

I'm creating additional documentation for retirement of some old
servers. Iím currently using IDM 3.5.1 and one of my drivers is an eDir
to eDir LDAP driver. We have a total of 6 (six) LDAP eDirectory servers
running 8.8 SP1 in replication. The replication has been successfully
running for the last eight months showing no errors.

Now, the master LDAP server needs to be retired. Our goal is to utilize
one of the new servers as the master server. Iíve already doubled
checked all my indexes, settings and third party certificates which are
now on the new servers.

The last part is to move the driver or just add the new server to the
driver set and copy the configurations over to the new server (this is
done in iManager from my understanding). I understand Iíll need to
create a new eDir to eDir certificate as well.

Anyone know where this is documented and anything else could cause
issues down the road?


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