Regarding the Notes FullName field.
As I understand I don't have to send in FullName from the IDV, it's
enough to send Given Name and Surname to the driver shim and it will
generate a Full Name.

I'm trying to create users in Notes with a unique FullName.

If user A is named "John Doe" the Notes driver magically creates the
user John Doe/Org in Notes.
So in the User name field in the Notes address book I can see this:

John Doe/Org
John Doe

If user B is also named "John Doe" I detect that it already exists in
Notes and send in MiddleInitial as "2".

The the driver creates John 2 Doe, so far so good but in the User name
field in Notes it shows up as:

John 2 Doe/Org
John 2 Doe
*John Doe*

If I have a third user named John Doe it would show up as:

John 3 Doe/Org
John 3 Doe
*John Doe*

Notice the last one, where does that one come from?
The client doesn't want it ......

Any ideas?

Trace from RL when received:

<nds dtdversion="3.5" ndsversion="8.x">
<product version=" ">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<add allow-adminp-support="true" certify-user="true"
class-name="Person" create-mail="true" dest-dn="CN=jdoe/O=ORG"
event-id="ORGMETA-EDIR02#20100203143110#2#1-2" expire-term="25"
internet-password-force-change="false" mail-acl-manager-name="CN=Domino
DirXML/O=ORG" mail-file-inherit-flag="true" mail-file-quota="409600"
mail-quota-warning-threshold="332800" mailfile-acl-level="MANAGER"
mailfile-rep-priority="HIGH" no-id-file="false"
notes-password-change-interval="0" notes-password-grace-period="0"
roaming-server="CN=Notes1/O=ORG" roaming-subdir="roaming\jdoe"
roaming-user="true" src-dn="\ORGMETA\ORGmeta\Meta\1000:2010-01-01"
src-entry-id="206053" store-useridfile-in-ab="true"
sync-internet-password="true" user-id-file="jdoe">
<add-attr attr-name="GUID">
<value timestamp="1265207294#98"
<add-attr attr-name="LastName">
<value timestamp="1265207294#4" type="string">Doe</value>
<add-attr attr-name="FirstName">
<value timestamp="1265207294#18" type="string">John</value>
<add-attr attr-name="RoamRplSrvrs">
<add-attr attr-name="InternetAddress">
<add-attr attr-name="MiddleInitial">
<add-attr attr-name="ShortName">
<value>John 4 Doe</value>
<add-attr attr-name="MailFile">
<add-attr attr-name="HTTPPassword">
<password><!-- content suppressed --></password>