I'm running identity manager to synchronise passwords between two AD
The synching works fine, but I'm tyring to configure the Driver Health
configuration email template.

In iManager Driver overview the traffic light system is shown as
working, and when I cause the driver/s to fail the lights turn to red
and the email is sent and received fine.

template email is as follows:

<title>Job Notification Status</title>
<style> <!-- body { font-family: Trebuchet MS } --> </style>
<p>The $job-dn$ job resulted with the following status:
<form:if-item-exists name="result-message">
Job message was:
<form:if-item-exists name="result object">
Job result was: $result

When I change the IP the vault is connecting to the Remote loader with,
this email is generated and received fine, however it is missing the
detail. It simply comes through as:

Job notification status

the job resulted with the following status:

Job Message was:
Job result was:

I have added the replacement tags into the template:

However I can't find anywhere in the driver configuration that
indicates the values of these tags.

Is anyone able to help?

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