I am building an i5OS driver, and was proceeding on my merry way until I
started to code for renames.

By default, the Sub-Event Transform has a veto on all rename operations. I
thought this would be simple to change, but after turning off the veto and
attempting a rename, I got the following error,

<nds dtdversion="1.1" ndsversion="8.6">
<product build="20080814_1330" version="3.5.2"/>
<status event-id="DEV-IDV-03-DS#20100201173450#2#2" level="error">Could
not rename user profile a1govtf to a2govf.</status>
<status level="error"/>

Not much help, but on the AS400, I see that the error in the JOB LOG (not
the remote loader log, but the AS400 job log) indicates that an error
related to the "TEXT" field containing spaces.

Well, the TEXT field (aka Description) is not referenced in a rename
operation, and its value is something I manufacture, to meet customer
standards. The rules for manufacturing a properly formatted TEXT string are
not invoked during a rename. (SO this smells like it might all be on the
AS400 side.)

1. Are AS400 renames not possible/ not recommended, or am I simply missing
2. The driver associates on "CN" which happens to be the USRPRF value, and
obviously that changes during a rename.
2a. Is there a way to associate on a different value, or is this
hard-coded into the driver?
2b. If hard coded, I'll have to find a way to update the association
with the rename... but that is the easy part at this point.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, ideas or code.


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