Hello: I have never been fluent with IDM, only enough to get basic eDir -> MAD sync'ing setup. We recently migrated all our servers to OES 2 (from NW6.5). Prior to the upgrade we used IDM 3.51 BE. When we migrated I removed all IDM objects / settings as I wanted to start fresh in OES 2.

OK, now I am starting to setup mu eDir-to-MAD driver. We are using IDM 3.6.1 BE. Setup is going fine (very similar to 3,5,1) until I come to "Specify the container where users are stored using the slash format." I am not sure what this is asking?

Our needs are very limited: just sync over all eDir users to AD, with no reverse syncin'g. OUr eDir structure is simple with three OUs under O. We use flat sync'ing so we do not reproduce our edir hierarchy in AD.

Can you help me out? Thanks, Chris.