We have an installation that currently has the AD Remote Loader on a
DC. This setup is working fine, but we are forced to move the Remote
Loader to a Windows 2008 R2 Member Server. IDM is version 3.6.1.

I have read alot in this forum about the neccesary steps, and I think I
have figured them out:
1) Install RL services on the Windows 2008 R2-server
2) Add the RL configuration and secure communication between IDM Engine
and IDM RL using SSL
3) Create a SSL-cert from a CA and install on all DC's (following
'Novell Documentation'
4) Install the CA's root certificate on the new Remote Loader Member
5) Enable SSL on the AD Driver
6) Change the parameter Authentication Context to a AD DNS-name of a DC
that we want the RL to talk to

Can someone verify this?

Also, how does it work with password sync? We need to be able to sync
passwords both from eDir to AD and from AD to eDir. Does this work?

There is a registry key that I think points out the RL, can someone
confirm this?
If I set this to the DNS-name of the RL Member Server, will that do the

Thank you.

Best Regards

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