I have a workorder driver running well since Idm 3.5.1. I had upgraded to
Idm 3.6 a year ago, and am now recently using Designer to "Reconfigure my
driver" in order to get the new 3.6 tidbits, such as Health monitoring in
the manifest.

All drivers reconfigured and deployed have worked.

When I got to the Workorder driver, I notice it did not work and then
realized in the Subscriber create rule the condition Class
name=DirXML-WorkOrder has been changed to DirXML-nwoWorkOrder.

If upgrading from 3.5.1 to 3.6 changed the behavior of this, then I must
have upgraded wrong because my Workorder driver has been working fine with
the 3.5.1 configuration from Designer.

I have to admit, this is confusing me.