We are starting to look at the JDBC driver for connecting to a MSSQL
server in order to get IDM information to a system that has a database
on that MSSQL server.

I had a few questions about the driver.

1) It seems that you put your SQL statements into XSLT from the base
driver configuration. Is this the only place you can place them or can
they be in DirXML script?

2) The default sample setup of the JDBC driver has some default tables
that are put into the MSSQL server. I am curious to know if people just
generally use those tables and just extend the attributes being
sent/stored. Then from those default IDM tables make triggers to update
the actual systems hosted on the db server. Or do people just rewrite
the entire thing to their own DB application? I would think it would be
easier with leaving the database and just write triggers from it when
IDM changes information within it.

If anyone else has some helpful into/tips foe the JDBC driver I would
be interested in hearing about them as well.



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