hi guys
Will the following config work?
I run edir and ad drivers all in same driverset.
AD drivers on 2 windows idm boxes and EDIR drivers on 2 netware idm
boxes - currently all idm 3.01 edir 873.
I need to upgrade my ad drivers quickly to 361 to take advantage of new
features so i'm considering the following.
Upgrade entire tree to edir 8.8 latest version.
Upgrade the windows boxes only to idm 361 and leave netware boxes on
idm 301 for the short term.
Theres no benefit in upgrading edir drivers and i'd have to move to
linux as 361 is unsupported on netware.
Obviously i will have to upgrade the netware boxes at some point, but
in the short term is my proposal feasible?
Perhaps my main issue is going to be around what to do with imanager as
i manager the windows drivers from imanager on the netware boxes?
Any recomendations on what to do with imanager?
thanks for any help

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