Trying o troubleshoot a bit of oddness in an eDir-to-eDir driver in IDM
3.6.1. My policy should evaluate a few attributes and set a variable
accordingly; I am doing this in the Publisher Event Transform because I
need to evaluate the variable both in the Creation and Command Transform
steps on both adds and modifies. As best I can tell, the variable is set
properly, but when I try to use it later it fails in a peculiar way.
Relevant traces follow:

Set the variable:

[01/21/10 10:09:14.500]:WP-from-MyID PT: (if-src-attr 'ugaFSCode'
equal "00") = TRUE.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.500]:WP-from-MyID PT: Rule selected.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.500]:WP-from-MyID PT: Applying rule 'Set local
[01/21/10 10:09:14.500]:WP-from-MyID PT: Action: do-if().
[01/21/10 10:09:14.501]:WP-from-MyID PT: Evaluating conditions.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.501]:WP-from-MyID PT: (if-src-attr
'ugaFSCode' equal "01") = FALSE.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.501]:WP-from-MyID PT: (if-src-attr
'ugaFSCode' equal "02") = TRUE.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.501]:WP-from-MyID PT: Performing if actions.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.501]:WP-from-MyID PT: Action:
[01/21/10 10:09:14.501]:WP-from-MyID PT: arg-string("TRUE")
[01/21/10 10:09:14.502]:WP-from-MyID PT:
[01/21/10 10:09:14.502]:WP-from-MyID PT: Arg Value:
[01/21/10 10:09:14.502]:WP-from-MyID PT:Policy returned:

Evaluate it later:

[01/21/10 10:09:14.526]:WP-from-MyID PT: Evaluating selection
criteria for rule 'Veto adds if Ferpa set'.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.526]:WP-from-MyID PT: (if-operation equal
"add") = TRUE.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.526]:WP-from-MyID PT: (if-class-name equal
"User") = TRUE.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.526]:WP-from-MyID PT: (if-op-attr
'ugaFerpaFlag' equal "Y") = TRUE.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.526]:WP-from-MyID PT: Expanded variable
reference '$lvIsEmployee$' to 'TRUE'.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.527]:WP-from-MyID PT: (if-local-variable
'$lvIsEmployee$' not-equal "TRUE") = TRUE.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.527]:WP-from-MyID PT: Rule selected.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.527]:WP-from-MyID PT: Applying rule 'Veto adds if
Ferpa set'.
[01/21/10 10:09:14.527]:WP-from-MyID PT: Action: do-veto().

I assume it has something to do with the single-quotes vs.
double-quotes in the expanded variable, but I do not know why it expands
that way.

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