We are getting ready to do an OES2 SP2a upgrade and are currently using
IDM 3.5.1 bundle edition.

IDM bundle is currently hosted on a NW 6.5 SP8 box with eDir 8.8.4.
There is no vault tree. Our production tree is also the IDM vault.
We are basically just using IDM to sync User objects, passwords, etc to
Active Directory.
eDirectory is the driver and changes are made in eDirectory. Users can
be added or deleted, passwords changed, etc... from eDirectory and thus
change is sync'd with Active Directory. We do not sync changes from AD
to eDirectory.

We currently only have OES1 SP2 servers in the tree along with Netware
6.5 SP6+ servers.

We need to upgrade to OES2 SP2a and plan on doing this soon.

Will the IDM 3.51 bundle be affected by the schema change or this

The Master replicas are currently hosted on the Netware 6.5 SP8 / 8.8.4
server. This is the only 8.8.4 server currently in the tree. All
others are

Thanks for any input into this project.


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