I have a Delimited Driver to manage a system through java calls and the
system put its changes in a text file for return it to IDM.

Well... I should manage Group Entitlement based on application values
and when the driver sends the query operation I don't know how to
retrieve the groups.

<nds dtdversion="2.0">
******************<query class-name="Group" dest-dn="" event-id="0"
*********************<search-class class-name="Group"/>
*********************<read-attr attr-name="Description"/>
*********************<read-attr attr-name="CN"/>

Then, I call a java function to get groups in final system but I don't
know how to pass the result to the publisher channel. I think that I
would pass it through a variable with a separator, i.e:
group1#group2#group3#... like the return of the java call, but... how
can I publish it like a result of the query? It should return something
like this:

<instance class-name="Group" event-id="0" src-dn="group1">
<attr attr-name="CN">
<instance class-name="Group" event-id="0" src-dn="group2">
<attr attr-name="CN">
<instance class-name="Group" event-id="0" src-dn="group3">
<attr attr-name="CN">
<status level="success">Query succeeded</status>

Thanks a lot.

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