I like toolkit rules. I like triggering them with a silly value in a
test attribute.

Usually acmeTesting (replace acme with client name).

Ok, so thats easy, if op attr acmeTesting changing-to 42 then process
the rule.

Now I am testing a new thought. I would like to pass more info in via
that acmeTesting.

I want to set acmeTesting to 42#group* and then trigger, because it
started with 42, then inside the rule, substring-after the # and get the
group* string, and use that as the target of my query. If nothing, set
it to * to handle that error case.

Seems like a classy enhancement...

But if op attr equal regex match 42 does not return true on 42#group*

Nor does if op attr changing-to and selecting regex instead of case
insensitive compare help.

Tested initially in the engine, then for time reasons in Designer 3.5.1

Anyone else seen/tried this?

My Regex tool says 42 is sufficient to match 42#group* and does not seem
to care about the # or * in the string.

I could probably do this with, if op-attr acmeTesting is changing. Then
inside, strip it apart and decide to proceed or not, but this is less

Anyone have any thoughts?