Hi all (Again).

This is a follow up from another thread but a totaly different

Reading from an Active Directory as the breader to the metadir, I have
a complete mirror of Users and groups in AD.
The User Application operates with that DN as its Base User DN and its
Groups Base DN.
When an Object is assigned a role the loopback driver is to pick up the
event and assign some values to some attributes.

The loopbackdriver catches the event of the user object being modifyed
easily enough but when it is a group, it just simply never shows in the

I have double checked even tripple checked the filter to make sure that
the nrfAssociatedRoles is present there on the group class. It is.
Even with a trace level at 7 I never see the modify group event when
the value is added to the nrfAssociatedRoles attributes on the Group

Any idea of why this event is not throwing an IDM event readable in the
engine trace?

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