We are having a daily issue with some virtualised Windows 2003 servers
on Novell's SLES 10 SP2 platform when using Novell's Virtual Machine
Driver Pack (without it the servers run too slowly and have issues
because of it so this is essential - they may even have the problem
without it).

Ok, I know what many people are going to say - virtualisation issues,
go to the correct forum, however, I wouldn't be here if it was an issue
specifically with virtualisation. To clarify this, we have plenty of
Windows 2003 servers in the exactly the same configuration running
without any issues on a daily basis. Not just this, the communication
issues stop as soon as I stop the DirXML Engine so it definitely
something to with IDM and they stop on both servers simultaneously. If
people want some background on the virtualisation investigation so far
then please see the thread titled "Idle Windows VM loses connectivity"
in the SLES:Virtualisation forum.

I'm hoping that someone here can point me in the correct direction to
help me isolate what part of IDM could be causing the fault so that I
can report a bug to Novell (if it does not to prove to be our IDM
configuration in some way).

Of the 2 servers that are effected:

Server A is in our main production eDirectory Tree and has a number of
replicas (running eDir 88 SP5 and IDM 3.6.1) and only hosts an
eDirectory Driver. The Driver points to Server B's eDirectory Driver

Server B is in our ID Vault tree (again eDir 88 SP5 and IDM 3.6.1). As
well as the eDirectory Driver it also hosts a JDBC (Microsoft SQL Server
2000) driver and AD Driver (Windows 2008 servers - not R2, 2003
functional level, due to go to 2008 functional level in the next

These are the 2 servers that go down simultaneously so I am suspicious
of our eDirectory-eDirectory driver setup (and/or drivers themselves).

Any ideas as to what I can look into that may cause these issues?


Martyn Smith
IT Network Coordinator
The College of West Anglia
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